Democrats Plan More Let Them Eat Cake

In what is becoming the hallmark of this current administration, true to their “let them eat cake” attitude toward the American citizens, the Democrats are planning and plotting more ways to screw the will of the majority of Americans between the Nov election and January when the next Congress is officially seated:

Democrats are hoping to squeeze debate on numerous bills into their lame duck session after the Nov. 2 midterm elections, even though the elections could shift the balance of power to Republicans once the next Congress convenes.

But it won’t be easy for the Democrats to advance their agenda as time runs out, given the slow deliberations of the Senate and the possibility that Republicans will immediately gain more seats in that chamber if they win special elections in West Virginia, Delaware and Illinois.

The lame duck session convenes Nov. 15, giving lawmakers about six weeks to pass legislation if they work until Christmas and take a week off for Thanksgiving. Any bill that is still pending at the end of a congressional session dies, forcing lawmakers to start from scratch, reintroducing it at the start of a new two-year term. Read More

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